The Pastry Design School

The School of Pastry Design in Las Vegas is run by World Champion Pastry Chef Chris Hanmer, who is also a popular Food Network competitor. Chef Chris’s kitchen is a unique environment that offers the opportunity for professional chefs and non-professional chefs to access pastry tutoring, pastry techniques and other types of pastry training. The one-on-one tutoring format is distinctive to Chef Chris’s pastry school, as are the private chocolate tastings and chocolate parties that are popular with Las Vegas visitors. Having been a member of highly successful pastry competition teams himself, Chef Chris offers team coaching that helps participants understand the steps for planning, testing, and timed practice stages of competition.

Chris Hanmer - Pastry Chef Las Vegas, NV

Chef Chris Hanmer is a World Pastry Team Champion, a competition that includes creating sugar showpieces or chocolate showpieces.  Some people may think of that as sugar sculpture, though the term of sugar sculptures somewhat misidentifies the art form.  Sugar showpieces are created through sugar artistry that includes sugar pulling, sugar blowing, sugar molding and various other techniques all combined that culminate in the final beautiful, fragile product.

Chocolate and Sugar Parties

Chef Chris Hanmer offers classes and activities geared towards non-professional chefs, including shorter chocolate specialty classes. These new chocolate classes and sugar classes make a great addition to a Las Vegas vacation. Any group traveling to Las Vegas, NV, such as bridal parties and corporate parties, will find these classes to be fun corporate events. Your next birthday party, wedding party, business party or girls night out party could be filled with chocolate, pastry, and professional tips for creating beautiful and flavorful chocolate art, sugar creations, and delicious pastry.


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