Chocolate Showpieces – The Best Tasting Art

What makes a good chocolate showpiece?  Is it the color?  The shape?  The size?  As with all art, the answer to these questions can be yes and no.  We have all seen things that we like – from cars to flowers to photographs.  If we love the look of a car, is it more beautiful than a flower because it is bigger?  Is the flower more beautiful because of the range of color?  What about black and white photography?  How do we define what makes something beautiful and appealing?

Art connects with us on an emotional level.  When we like it, the art piece has connected with us in some way that is pleasing.  Chocolate showpieces are a form of art.  The challenge when designing a chocolate showpiece is finding that emotional connection. 

In my experience, the best chocolate showpiece has a balanced composition.  Focus on how it is put together, rather than color or size.  Evaluate the interplay of colors that match or contrast.  Be mindful of the scale and proportion of the elements when combined to make the whole.  Look past the same old flowers and challenge yourself to create something original that connects with you and with others.  Chocolate showpieces are surely an art form, albeit a great tasting one.   — Chris Hanmer

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