Chocolate Design 1

8 hours – $400
In this chocolate basics class, students learn tempering, maintaining and working with chocolate. Students will learn contemporary techniques including flowers and colors, and will make an artistic showpiece designed Chef Chris.

Order Chocolate Design 1 March 20, 2013 @ $400.00

Please note:
Only AVAILABLE class dates will display. Every attempt is made to fill each class on a first come – first served basis. If your desired class date is full, you will be scheduled into the next available class and will have the opportunity to confirm your attendance for the new date. Very occasionally it is necessary for Chef Chris to reschedule classes due to unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, you will be scheduled into the next available class and will have the opportunity to confirm your attendance for the new date.

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  • Denise Bowden says:

    when will you be scheduling the December session of chocolate series I and II? My husband and I are interested in mid December sessions if available

  • carol says:

    Hello, Denise, and thank you for your interest in the classes! How great that you and your husband will be taking the classes together … bet that’s lots of fun. The December schedule will probably not be posted before sometime in September. We will add your contact information onto our follow-up list and let you know when the new schedule comes out. There is always the option of setting up a private lesson for the 2 of you. Please contact us in email directly for more information. In your case it would probably work out perfectly.

  • Jackie Pitts says:

    What about October classes. I emailed you 3 months ago about chocollate series I possibly the first week of October. Chocolate and Las Vegas shows is my idea of a perfect vacation

  • carol says:

    Hi, Jackie, and thank you for inquiring about our class schedule. I apologize that we missed your earlier emails! The October schedule will also be available sometime in September. Due to Chef Chris’ busy and demanding calendar, it can be difficult to schedule classes too far in advance. We have found that quarterly scheduling provides the least need for changes.

    Let me encourage you to at least explore the possibility of a private class with Chef Chris. Doing so allows you to better dictate your travel schedule. You will be surprised just how affordable the private one-on-one tutoring can be, and you will have a blast learning chocolate techniques with a World Champion. =)

  • Rafael Diaz says:

    how do i apply for the company?

  • carol says:

    Thank you for your interest in employment with The School of Pastry Design. At this time we are not accepting applications. If a position should become available in the future, we will post an application online. Best wishes in your job search!

  • Linda burns says:

    I would like to attend a chocolate 1 class. Do you have one scheduled beyond the march 28th class? I am unavailable to attend that one. Please let me know.

  • carol says:

    Hi, Linda, and thanks for your interest. The new class schedules are posted quarterly. Q2 2012 is due to be posted sometime in March.

  • Michael says:

    Is the 8 hours all in 1 day or multiple days? I’d really like to be able to come out there for Chocolate 1 & 2. Thanks!

  • Carol says:

    Hi, Micheal. Yes, each class listed as 8 hours is completed in 1 day. We would love to see you for the Chocolate 1 and 2 classes! You will learn a ton and have a blast. =)

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