Chocolate Showpieces

Using chocolate in presentation is universally appealing, from the simple chocolate bon bon to the complex chocolate showpiece. The fundamentals for chocolate work remain the same, but the limits of chocolate application are endless. Whether you are an industry professional or a delighted consumer, a pastry education in chocolate creates a lifelong love. World Champion Chef Chris Hanmer offers pastry courses, chocolate seminars, and preparations for pastry competition to match your needs.

Class Information

Chocolate Lab – 8 hours, $800
Experimenting is the goal in this chocolate free-for-all. See what happens to chocolate under all kinds of situations. In this class, students will push the limit of how we think about chocolate and stop seeing chocolate just as food. Nothing is off limits, so come with new ideas and be ready to experiment.

Chocolate Tasting Class – 6 hours, $400
In this class students learn how and what to taste in chocolate, known as a “Flavor Map” for any kind of chocolate. Students will receive all the information for how to hold their own chocolate tasting at work or at home. This class is a must-attend for professional chefs and chocolate lovers of all kinds.

Chocolate Design 1 – 8 hours, $400
In this chocolate basics class, students learn tempering, maintaining and working with chocolate. Students will learn contemporary techniques including flowers and colors, and will make an artistic showpiece designed Chef Chris.

Chocolate Design 2 – 8 hours, $600
Students who have mastered the basics of chocolate will take their skills to the next level in this class. Students will learn contemporary techniques including flowers, casting chocolate in molds, and adding color and will make an artistic showpiece over 3 feet tall that has been designed by Chef Chris.

Chocolate Design 3 – 2 days, $1200
In this 2-day class, students will make a large competition-style chocolate showpiece. Chef Chris will share how he gets inspiration for the design of his showpieces, and students will learn how to find their own voice in design. The class will also cover contemporary techniques including flowers, casting chocolate in molds, airbrushing cocoa butter and much more. This course is limited to 3 students.

Modern Bon Bons – 2 days, $900
This class is a must for the modern chocolatier. In this 2-day class, Chef Chris will cover how to design bon bon flavors and use colored cocoa butter to make edible works of art. Students will also learn contemporary flavors of ganache, production flow, shelf life and water activity.

Guide to picking your class level:
Design 1 – Student has seen chocolate techniques and worked with chocolate in school, but has no real industry or practical experience.

Design 2 – Student works with chocolate techniques about once a month, understands the basics, and has taken a chocolate class before.